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Kaiser Permanente is the highest rated HMO insurance company in the United States! This means that their patients and independent analyst have both assessed their performance and given them a big thumbs-up.

Kaiser Permanente is a Health Maintenance Organization. This means when you purchase their health insurance plans, you are signing up for integrated health care. Kaiser Permanente is the insurance company and the hospital. So, you don't have to worry any more about whether or not your insurance company will reimburse you for your health expenses.

Also, Kaiser Permanente is the leader in providing preventative health care. Regardless of which policy you have, each year you get a free annual physical exam as well as many other services that help to catch medical issues before they become serious.

Kaiser Permanente Group Policies are a great way to provide quality health insurance to your employees! There are many options to choose from as far as health plans, dental plans, and there is even an option for chiropractic and acupuncture.

Group policies are guaranteed issue, which means you don't have to worry about being denied insurance for pre-existing health conditions. Also, family plans through your company can help you save money since the price doesn't change when you have 3 or more children!

Finally, rest assured that you are getting quality insurance from knowledgeable agents and there are no broker fees! When you apply through our office you are getting the same price as going directly to Kaiser Permanente and you are getting the added representation of our office for free! We help you with forms, explain the plans, and assist you through the transition of becoming a Kaiser Permanente Member.

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