Blue Cross VS. Kaiser Permanente

Anthem Blue Cross VS Kaiser Permanente

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Provider Type: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Point of Service (POS), and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Positive Points:

  1. Size: Covers the entire state without exception. You can move from one part of the state to another while maintaining the same coverage.

  2. Freedom of Choice: Large network of providers and many plans cover out of network providers as well. This means you are not confined to a small network of Doctors.

  3. Price: Many options for inexpensive health insurance. We offer various deductibles and options while keeping low monthly rates.

  4. Coverage Options: Offers Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, and Life Insurance packages.

Negative Points:

  1. In Network VS. Out of Network: May be difficult to determine if certain providers are in network or out of network.

  2. Confusing Coverage: It may be difficult to determine the most you would pay in a major situation.

  3. Varying Cost of Coverage: Depending on which facility and sometimes which doctor in a facility, you may pay different prices for the same service.

Provider Type: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Positive Points:

  1. Quality of Care: Kaiser Permanente implements new medical techniques and research an average of 1 year after discovery compared with an industry average of 3 years.

  2. Integrated Health Care: Kaiser Permanente is the insurance company, the hospital, and the doctor's office. Therefore you will receive seamless service.

  3. Free Preventative Care: Annual Physicals, PAP tests, Mammograms, and many more preventative screenings are free of charge once per year.

  4. Centralized Services: Most of our facilities are a one stop shop for your needs. This includes a pharmacy, doctor's offices, lab, radiology, and specialists all at one convenient location.

Negative Points:

  1. Limited Network: You are confined to the Kaiser Permanente network of Doctors and Facilities. Therefore you may not be covered if you use an outside physician.

  2. Monthly Cost: Monthly premium is on the higher side for health insurance plans.

  3. Coverage Area: Since you are required to use Kaiser Permanente facilities, if you move outside the coverage area, you will no longer be covered.

Our office offers many different health insurance carriers, because each person has different needs. We can help you find the right company and the right health insurance plan for you and your family!

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