Blue Shield of California

Individual Health Insurance

Small Group Health Insurance

(2-50 Employees)

In Sonoma County Blue Shield's PPO network has over 900 Doctors and includes Sutter, Memorial, Petaluma Valley, as well as other hospitals. This has made Blue Shield the most popular choice among our health insurance clients.

Most people don't understand all the different types of health insurance networks. Basically an PPO or Preferred Provider Organization allows you to see specialists without referrals and gives you some coverage for Out of Network providers as well. In Sonoma County it is pretty easy to stay "in-network" since it is quite a large network of doctors and providers, but if there is a provider that is out of network you still have some coverage.

Blue Shield of California is a great carrier to offer benefits to your employees! The plan choices and options of providers give your employees so many options so that each persons needs can be met. Also, Blue Shield is one of the most lenient companies in regard to "wrapping" or offering another insurance carrier alongside their products.

Our office knows the plans and options for your company and is well equipped to assist each of your employees in the decision making process. We fill out the papers and get the job done so that the enrollment and transition process is as smooth as possible. Call today for a free, no obligation quote!

What is HIPAA?

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