Dream Home Builders

Seamless Insurance:

We offer one of the few insurance policies that will insure your home as it is being built! That means, from start to finish you are covered by the same company on the same policy and only have one set of paperwork to fill out.

This policy starts out at a fraction of the normal cost of insurance and as your home is being completed it gradually increases until the home is done and you move in! This policy is not just a course of construction insurance policy. This is a homeowners insurance policy with an endorsement for this specific purpose.

During the construction process, homes are subject to special risks that are taken into account in this policy. For example, homes under construction are more susceptible to theft of copper piping and construction supplies. Also, homes under construction are larger targets for vandalism.

This policy can give you peace of mind while you are building your dream home. We understand that you have saved and worked hard to make your dreams a reality. One of the hardest blows would be to have a theft or fire delay or even prevent you from accomplishing this wonderful goal.

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