Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Farmers Insurance offers many discounts to California Home Owners! Due to the complexity of the quoting process and uniqueness of each home, the discounts do not work on an exact percentage basis. Therefore, we will list the available discounts and their requirements in order of significance, from largest to smallest in the left column. We will also list various factors that are known to increase the cost of insurance from largest to smallest in the right hand column.



If all of the residents of your home have been smoke free for 3 years, you're qualified!

Increased Risk Factors

Fireline Score

If your home is in a brush area, forested area, or over 5 miles from the nearest fire department this score could drastically affect your insurance rates.

New Home

This discount is automatically applied to the insurance policy for the first 9 years after a house has been completed.

Sprinkler System

Many modern homes have interior sprinkler or fire suppression systems. Well, Farmers gives you a discount for that, since your home is more likely to survive a fire than other homes.

Protection Class

Having a fire hydrant near your home is essential to allowing Firefighters to do their job! That is why your home insurance could be much more expensive if you don't have a hydrant within 1,000 feet of your house.

Wood Roof

Wood roofs just don't hold up like composition shingles. Wood is more susceptible to fire, mold, moss, and deterioration. That is why it may be more expensive to insure a house with a wood shake roof.

Home Security

Having deadbolts on exterior doors, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher in the kitchen not only makes sense, it gets you a discount on your home insurance!

History of Prior Claims

Depending on what the claim was for, if you have had insurance claims within the past three years you may pay more for your insurance now as a result.

Fire or Burglar Alarm

Farmers Insurance gives discounts for both central fire alarms and central burglar alarms. When you invest in your security it can pay off!

Home Safety

There are many ways to make your home safer, but here are five options that also get you a discount on your Farmers Home Owners Insurance!

One discount per home policy.

1) Energy Star or EPA Certified Home 2) Fortified Home Certificate

3) Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve 4) LEED Certified Home

5) Whole House Leak Detection

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