Homeowner in the Making

When choosing your first home there are a few things about insurance you should know:

    1. When using a loan to help purchase your first house, you must have     
        insurance before escrow closes.
    2. Here are some common things that will prevent the home being insured:
        - Moss growing on the roof
        - Damage to the roof, windows, or foundation
        - Signs of improper maintenance or neglect
    3. Moving in immediately is what most insurance companies expect. If you 
        are doing something other than that, talk to your agent about how that 
        will affect the insurance.

    4. Where your home is located will affect the price of insurance drastically.
        - Having a fire hydrant within 1,000 ft. of the home will reduce the cost 
          of insurance drastically.
        - Having the closest responding fire department within 5 miles is also     
        - Most insurance companies use two scores to help rate your home for 
          insurance, FireLine TM and Protection Class. It is good to know what 
          these are before purchasing your home.

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